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04 Jun 2011

Patience is a virtue, finally secured domain name

07 Apr 2011

Coming soon, after market Bentley and Rolls Royce memory seat controller

20 Mar 2011

AD10 proving to be a functional release and currently being used for production developments

25 Feb 2011

Altium Designer 10 released. Trials to follow for compatiblity with previous versions.

08 Feb 2011

Prof Goran Roo's Lecture, worth taking note. Confirmed my thoughts.

27 Jan 2011

Partnership deal brokered with significant OS PCB manufacturer which will see good value for our clients.

10 Jan 2011

Collaborative product development for automotive market with significant OS potential.

23 Dec 2010

Gecko Vision accepted as an Altium Partner, one of two in South Australia Link to Altium Service Bureaus

15 Dec 2010

Altium Designer Release 10 announced 31 Jan 2011

6 Oct 2010

Successful manufacturing run from OS board loaders.

27 Jul 2010

Two new overseas component sourcing channels verified to our satisfaction.

15 Mar 2010

New record for us, a clients product reached 580 000 units.
Additional to the 580k units there was a 99.4% manufacturing yield from the design. Most of the remaing 0.6% was from one batch.

11 Feb 2010

Slope and Intercept calibration functions implemented in less than 2k code space.

4 Feb 2010

TIA logo finally updated on web page

20 Jan 2010

First time Altera Nanoboard 3000 used for embedded development

18 Oct 2009

Altium S09 edition being used for development after intial in house trials for compatibility with previous versions

17 Oct 2009

Test development utilizing Altium NanoBoard 3000 Xilinx version

10 Sep 2009

Expanded EMC data capture capabilities to allow better reporting of results

13 Aug 2009

Compilation of NGW100 AVR32 Linux Kernel for testing purposes

20 May 2009

Aquired Hot Air rework station suitible for rework and BGA assembly

15 May 2009

Updated EICTA Contact Details

11 Apr 2009

Expansion of Asset to cater for Broader Range of Tasks

04 Feb 2009

Rapid increase in Client Base

03 Aug 2008

Gecko Vision transferred ISP seamlessly

13 Jul 2008

Moved Premises, business as usual.

28 Apr 2008

Became a member of the Electronics Industry Association (EIA). Organization representing the electronics industry in Australia.

11 Apr 2008

Logo and buttons updated. Order of buttons modified to be more human friendly.

10 Apr 2008

New Site Launched. Content is low but will take shape over the coming months.


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