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Altium NB2 Demo's Ported to Altium NB3K Xilinx XC3S1400AN

Mandelbrot demo

Audio Graphic Equalizer demo

Audio Spectrum Analyzer demo

3D spinning Cube C to Hardware demo

These designs work with Altium's NanoBoard NB3000, for more information about this development board go here

I dont claim any ownership of the above, the above origionals are Altium Demos, I have simple ported and tested them for the NB3000 using AD S09 SP4

The following are some of my own tests

Scaled Bar Charts with Peak Detect coupled with sampling ADC and analogue style meter with RTC

Quick Start Guide

#1 Extract the zip anywhere locally on your hdd.

#2 Open the embedded project. Recompile the project in AD.

#3 Ensure you have downloaded the free Xilinx Web pack and make sure the licence file has the XC3S1400AN device listed. Ver 11.1 of the Web pack didnt have the device licensed on the free version. Subsequent versions are probably fine.

It will become obvious if you have a problem with Xilinx when you try to compile your project from the Devices window in AD.

#4 Open up the Devices window in AD, point the drop down list box to the project, if it isnt already. Connect your NB3000 to the USB port.

#5 When AD connects to the NB3K you should get a process bar across the screen. Simply press program FPGA (far right) and the project will get compiled and placed in the device.

#6 Sometimes an extra step needs to be done. The software doenst always get downloaded, dont know why. Simply press the download button below the device in question, this places the executable code in the device.

Some stage I will add constraint files for the Altera NB3K

Last update 1OCT2010

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