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For a typical project there will normally be a proto-type assembled and tested.

Once the proto-type has proven to meet functional requirements a pre-production run will be manufactured.

Pre Production

The pre-production run will allow product build details to be refined. A number of these boards may be required for certification testing.

Normally a field trial of the design will be undertaken using the pre-production samples.

Once a statistical analysis of the pre-production units has been done and the field trials prove sucsessful, the design is ready for full production.

Following these steps will ensure design integity, component suitability, Bill of Matieral details and will reveal component loading problems.

Field trial stage is important source of information. Whilst most design details will be sorted by this stage there may be application related problems beyond the scope of the design.


Panalization optimization for board loading process

Bill of material sourcing and alternate part details

Working with board loading companies to optimize layout for automated Pick and Place process

Follow up investigations to optimize batch yield figures


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