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JAVA based language Processing test demonstrations

Purpose of these tests are to trial web based applications launched locally.

Requires JAVA RTE installed and for applicaitons with serial port acesss will require rxtxSerial.dll in windows system directory. Will require user to accept self signed certificate to allow program to run.
Next series of tests will be about local file acess then bidirectional network traffic.

Scrolling X,Y Chart responding to mouse events

Scaled X,Y chart loading remote data set "logs.txt"

Launched program from site with local connection to serial port WXP 32 bit

To follow 64 bit version.

Launched from site shows local video and controls to follow

Needs JMyron USB camera DLL files (tested version 0025, works in XP and 32 bit Vista, best viewed with IE) placed in System32 directory found here

3D Charting Lib displaying FFT

Displays FFT in a scrolling 3D chart with zoom and rotation controlled by mouse and buttons.

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